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Collection: Black Dog Collars and Leashes

18 products
  • Black on Black Studded Leather Dog Collar
    9 reviews
  • Gold Studded Black Leather Designer Collar
    9 reviews
  • Chrome Studded Black Leather Dog Collar
    9 reviews
  • Black Dog Collar With Pink Studs
    12 reviews
  • Diamond Leather Collar
    7 reviews
  • Black Bandana Leather Dog Collar
    1 review
  • Black Croc Leather Dog Collar
  • Black Leather Pet Leash With Black Hardware
  • Black Leather Dog Leash With Chrome Hardware
    1 review
  • Black Leather Leash With Gold Hardware
  • Black Croc Dog Collar With Chrome Eyelets
  • Black Patent Leather Collar
    1 review
  • Black Croc Designer Dog Leash
  • Black Snake Leather Dog Collar
  • Black Snake Dog Leash
  • Black Patent Leather Pet Leash

Black is modest yet arrogant, and expresses everything while saying nothing. Our collection of black designer dog collar and leash sets are crafted with two durable, premium materials — leather and nylon. 

Choose from four widths. A proper fit is incredibility import for both style and comfort, which is why all of our collars come in multiple sizes and widths to ensure the perfect fit for any dog. Our 2 inch and 1.5 inch wide collar are not reserved for large dogs, they also look mean when paired with a smaller breed like a French bulldog.

This collection of high end collars contains of our best black dog collars and our highest rated black dog collars.