Mutt Couture Products 

Our products are founded on the idea of unique, finely-executed designs combined with detailed, quality craftsmanship. We believe that quality is found in the details. Here are four points of function and design that set our products apart.

1. Fine Craftsmanship:

Each collar and leash is designed and manufactured with the finest of care. You will notice the detailed stitching, finely placed hardware, and beautifully inlaid logo and branding execution on each piece. 

2. Quality Leather:

Our leashes and collars are a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface. This material is ideal for collars and leashes and has many benefits which include: waterproof, stain-resistant, anti bacterial, anti fungal and flame retardant.

3. Authentic Textiles: 

Genuine textile materials are bonded to our collars and leashes that give them that extra unique touch. These materials are applied to our denim, flannel and camouflage styles.

4. Faux Skins:

Mutt Couture is proud to say that none of our products are made from real reptile or animal skins. Our faux skins are bonded directly to our collars and leashes - giving a near flawless representation of real skins.