Teach Your Dog These 10 Fun Tricks in 2020

Teach Your Dog These 10 Fun Tricks in 2020

So your dog can sit, now what?

Ready to take your tricks to the next level?

Spending more time at home with your favorite fluffy family member? Now is a great time to teach your dog some new tricks, and bring some additional delight into your home. 

teaching dog to roll over

Roll Over

Everyone loves a dog that can roll over, this is a classic trick that is sure to delight all your friends and family. Plus, how can you not smile watching your pup wiggle around on the floor to flip themselves over.

Give Kiss

Teaching your dog to lick your face on command is a great show way to provide an outlet for their affection. Kids love this trick, how can you not enjoy a dog showing you how much they love you?


Teaching your dog to speak is another fun dog trick, it is also a good method to reign in a barking problem. Teaching your dog the difference between barking and silence, and rewarding it with a treat for each, can be an excellent way to help your dog understand when it is appropriate to make noise.

Back Up

Teaching your dog to back up is an unconventional but adorable trick nonetheless. It’s also a useful behavior if you find your dog may be getting themselves into trouble.

teaching dog to shake hands

Shake Paws

Teaching your dog to shake paws or shake hands is a fun family favorite. This trick is sure to impress adults and children alike, and it’s definitely one of the cutest tricks you can teach your dog. 


Waving is a great simple trick and is a great starter trick. It’s also a stepping stone to teaching your dog how to learn other tricks, like shake paws and beg. And when that cutie is checking you out from across the street, there’s nothing more effortless than having your dog wave back for you.


Teaching your dog to bow is an easy, simple, and fun trick. This is a great introductory trick to get your dog used to learning new behaviors in exchange for a tasty reward. This trick looks really cool if you have a larger dog, like a doberman or german shepherd. And it looks adorable when little dogs do a tiny bow.


If waiting for a treat is too hard, perhaps you should lean in to the alternative, teach your dog to beg! They’re going to do it anyway with those big watery eyes, so you may as well help them become an expert. If your dog already knows how to shake hands, then this trick becomes pretty easy to teach them, without requiring them to learn too many new behaviors.

teaching dog to spin


Spinning is an unconventional trick that is adorable to watch. We all love watching our dogs chase their tails, so why not teach them to do it on command? Frankly, we think this one is a win-win for everyone. And we’re certain your dog will agree.

Wait for Treat

We’ve all seen those viral videos of dogs holding a big stack of treats on their nose, painfully waiting for the exact moment where they are allowed to gobble them all up. This trick certainly takes patience to learn, and may not work for all dogs, but its an impressive testament to your dogs patience if you can teach them this trick.